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Fringe Benefit Swatch

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Fringe Benefit Swatch Fringe Benefit Swatch

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Fringe Benefit Swatch
  • Fringe Benefit

  • Jacket

    100% silk matka

    AngelWeft from AAF

    button from AAF

    Burda 2842

    I have always liked this jacket that I made at least 20 years ago. Liked the fabric, the color, the asymmetry, the fit, the fringe and, of course, the piping! So after reading an article on Fall 2020 fashion and how fringe is making its way back, I am ready for my second time around with resurrecting this jacket and its fringe! Made from a silk matka, underlined with what was then HTC’s Textured Weft, ( now AAF’s AngelWeft) piped with a corded silk print, and lined with china silk. The fringe was made using two 3-1/4” strips of the silk matka, one cut on the lengthwise grain, the other cut on the crosswise grain, zigzagged together in the center then fringed and attached. I have since advanced my skills to fringing on the bias and attaching the fringe to silk organza to avoid all that bulk! The first pic was taken in my husband’s office and looks like I had just returned from the hairdresser. The second pic was taken of the jacket cuff in real time, and the third pic was taken by a photographer from RI Monthly in 2004 when Apple Annie Fabrics was voted best fabric store in RI even though my shop is in MA!

Fringe Benefit Swatch Fringe Benefit