Annie's Trunk Show: Pipe Dream

Annie's Trunk show: Pipe Dream

Since I am always looking for a piping opportunity, I felt Vogue 1234 was the perfect choice for my my Jackson Pollock-like ITY knit print.The various vertical seams presented a great opportunity to insert 3/8"flat piping in a contrasting black jersey. This, in addition to the complexity of matching the fabric design meant that the project would take far longer than I had anticipated. And then there were the unanticipated alterations. The sheer weight of the fabric plus piping lowered my bust point a good 2" so I had to rip and re-cut, taking off a good 4-6" at the bottom. I then inserted a godot into the center back seam to avoid any more re-working. This became one of those really LONG term projects that sometimes I thought would never end so although I love the final result I was happy when it was finished so I could move on. I am happy to say that the reviews so far have been positive.